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MAGNAT Style Pergameno

Pergameno Original not tinted

MAGNAT Style Pergameno



Window dimensions

Door dimensions

Surface area to be painted

Gross total

zł 515.92

Delivery: within 48 hours

Available payment methods

Payment methods

  • cash on delivery

    (pay the courier upon delivery, only available in Poland)

  • traditional bank transfer

    (please enter order number in the title field)

  • online payment

    (via the tpay.com trusted online payment system)

Delivery options

For orders exceeding PLN 299:

  • Courier 48h Delivery cost PLN 0

For orders under PLN 299:

  • Standard Courier delivery cost 15.49 zł

  • Express delivery cost PLN 26.99

  • Courier from 72h delivery cost PLN 25.49

  • Poczta Polska (recorded delivery) only testers, delivery cost PLN 5.90

Products in the set

The following products are necessary for your chosen colour. The quantities have been calculated on the basis of the area to be painted.

This set has na fixed proportion of products. The number of products id corrected automatically
Set summary
Gross total
zł 515.92