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BLACK WEEK - Darmowa Dostawa do 28.11.2022 r. Zobacz Śnieżnobiałą Farbę ŚNIEŻKA SUPER LATEX - kliknij tutaj i kupuj w sklepie producenta.

Returns and complaints


Goods with physical or legal defects (implied warranty)

The Seller is responsible with respect to the Customer for any physical or legal defects found in the sold item (implied warranty). Physical defect entails non-compliance of the sold item with the agreement. In particular the sold item is not in accordance with the agreement if:

  • does not have the properties which such an item ought to have considering the purpose specified in the agreement or resulting from circumstances or designation;
  • does not have properties the existence of which was communicated to the buyer by the seller, including by presenting a sample or a template;
  • it is not fit for the purpose which the buyer communicated to the seller at the time of concluding the agreement, and the seller did not object to such a purpose;
  • was provided to the buyer incomplete.

A Customer has the right to submit a complaint within 2 (two) years of the date the goods were issued to them by the Company.

The Company shall respond to a Customer's complaint within 14 calendar days and shall inform them of the manner in which it will be handled.

For the Company to process a complaint, the Customer should provide the product or products subject to the complaint together with proof of purchase for the product (products) in question and complaint description directly or via a postal service operator or courier to the Company.

Contact us: Śnieżka Trade of Colours
39-207 Brzeźnica,
ul. Dębicka 44,
Podkarpackie province (correspondence address)
tel. 14 680 55 52
e-mail: reklamacje@sniezka.com
Lines open Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

If the outcome of a complaint process is successful for the Customer – the Company shall immediately replace the defective Product with one free from defects or shall remedy the defect. This does not affect the Customer's right to submit a declaration on price reduction or to withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the regulations as in force at present. If it is impossible to replace a product, remedy the defect or reduce the price, the Company shall refund the price immediately in accordance with the regulations as in force at present.

A Customer purchasing a product for a purpose associated with its professional or business activity (not a consumer) is entitled to make a complaint in accordance with the applicable provisions of law, without prejudice to the Company’s liability on account of implied warranty for physical defects to products limited to the amount which the Customer paid the Company for the given product.

Guarantee complaint

Some products sold by the Company may be covered by a manufacturer's guarantee.

A year's guarantee applies to:

A 6 year guarantee applies to:

A 10 year guarantee applies to:

The right to withdraw from an agreement

You have the right to withdraw from this agreement within 30 days without stating a reason. The deadline for withdrawing from the agreement expires 30 days after you received the items or when a third party, other than a carrier and indicated by you received the items.

In order to take advantage of the right to withdraw from the agreement, you have to notify Fabryka Farb i Lakierów "ŚNIEŻKA" Spółka Akcyjna, 39-207 Brzeźnica, ul. Dębicka 44, Podkarpackie province, Fax: 014 680-55-46 regarding your decision on withdrawing from the present agreement by way of an explicit declaration (for example a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail).

You can also use the agreement withdrawal form template, however, it is not compulsory.

In order to comply with the agreement withdrawal deadline, all you have to do is send a notice pertaining to exercising your right to withdraw from the agreement before the deadline expires.

Appendix – Sample agreement withdrawal form (Customer)

The official store of the brand manufacturer:

Delivery options

For orders exceeding PLN 99:


    Courier 48h Delivery cost PLN 0

For orders under PLN 99:


    Standard Courier delivery cost PLN 15.49


    Express delivery cost PLN 15.49


    Poczta Polska (recorded delivery) only testers, delivery cost PLN 6.49